Standard Bank’s new Group IT space had to be as flexible and adaptable as their approach to solution focused thinking.

Client  Standard Bank Group IT Division. (GIT).  

Project  GIT Restack

Address  5 Simmonds Street, Johannesburg CBD

Size  45 000 sqm

Agile Working (or flexible space which brings people, processes, connectivity and technology together to effect a more efficient workflow ) was the spatial model adopted by the client. With the philosophy “Collaboration is key to innovation”; Standard Bank wanted a variety of communal and ancillary spaces purposely designed in amongst the open plan desking to further enhance collaboration and where teams can pull together for short periods of time to collaborate on project specific objectives and deadlines.

Almost equally as important was the need for rejuvenation spaces – staff wellbeing is something which was incredibly important to this particular business function, especially seeing that it is in operation 24 hours a day. Staff must integrate (and react) seamlessly to any IT related issues nationwide and at a moment’s notice – therefore the ability to “remove” themselves from the work environment to rejuvenate and recharge (for any period of time) was of paramount importance.


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