About Us

The team at TCRPV Architects are driven by the vision and values they share with their community and clients, allowing the firm to produce exceptional work of the highest standard.

Architectural Design

TCRPV Architects continues to create buildings primarily through close co-operation within the practise as well as with the clients and fellow design consultants. We are a design firm supported by strong technical, construction and BIM knowledge. Our total staff compliment offers expert services in environmentally responsible corporate, commercial, retail, education, refurbishment, residential, leisure and health and fitness fields. We are continuously improving our expertise ensuring our clients the most current and best practise services.

Interior Design

Our interior design team at TCRPV Architects recognise the critical role that human emotions can play in the process of work and therefore have a dedicated interior design department. We believe that the interior of a space not only needs to be welcoming, but also creates a personal connection with staff and clients. This “connection” must inspire, but it must also create a sense of physical and emotional comfort for any individual occupying that space.

Space Planning

The concept of Space Planning has evolved from the simple densification of space to be more about the interaction amongst staff, and can even involve a multitude of solutions within the work environment; solutions which will positively drive desired goals, objectives and outcomes. Space planning has become more about creating and assessing workplace design in a way which works for our clients workstyle and job requirements.

Building Compliancy Audits

We offer a dedicated team who focus on Building Compliance solutions throughout South Africa with the aim of obtaining ‘legal occupation ‘of our buildings.  Our focus remains on entire property portfolio’s rather than individual buildings. By understanding the commercial needs behind each project, we make sure we offer adaptable solutions considering the different requirements as presented by the carious local authorities.

Project Management Services

TCRPV Architects has always been known in the industry for strong design and delivery of large commercial projects. This has enabled us to grow our Project management offering as an independent service where we are not acting as the Architects. Clients often see Project managers with an Architectural background to be a great advantage to any project. Our abilities as principal agents have earned us a reputation as excellent project managers.

We are passionate about everything we do. Let’s start working together.