The shopping centre forms part of St Johns Village, an established secure lifestyle residential estate in Howick. 

Project  St Johns Lifestyle Centre, Howick, Kwazulu-Natal

Address  St Johns Village, Howick

Size  5000 sqm

The architectural language of St Johns Village estate is carried through into the shopping centre. The concept was a clear deviation from a basic strip mall into a ‘cluster’ of well detailed buildings around a courtyard which resembles an intimate village centre rather than a basic retail strip mall.

The design brief called for a shopping center of 5 000m2 which would accommodate a major retail anchor, selected retail tenants which would service the local community as well as offices. 

The developer was deeply involved throughout the process – from the concept design through to hand selecting sculptures for the centre to finish it off. This added tremendous value as the architects we were far more focussed on the aesthetics and detailing rather than the design process being strictly driven by commercial requirements.

The mass of the centre has been broken up to create interesting small scale buildings which resemble simple but well detailed contemporary veranda style buildings. The major challenge in the design process was to create a balance between aesthetics and a functioning shopping Centre with all the typical requirements of parking, signage and yards.

As mentioned earlier the materials used such as flush facebrick with dark grey roof sheeting and carefully selected colours relate directly to the residential architectural code. The covered walkways resemble large covered verandas which are linked by beautifully landscaped open areas for people to interact and circulate between shops.

The centre has been a success and provided a unique shopping experience for residents to enjoy!


Grant Pitcher

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