The MC development team not only set out to build one of the most advanced refineries in South Africa but produce an environment that reflected some of the company’s core values.

Client  MC

Project  MC Offices

Size  6000 sqm

MC is witness to how the office environment (or ecosystem) has evolved into something which is fundamentally different to the office we have come to know and accept as the ‘norm’ – standardized for efficiency and typically with a conservative approach to ensure “one size fits all,” the traditional office limits the potential for inspiration, expression and social connection with colleagues and clients alike.

MC and TCRPV’s vision for the space is one which would achieve the exact opposite; thoughtfully curated destinations which would blend in with the overall design, enhance performance and allow staff the freedom to choose where and how they would like to work. Formal and informal, in isolation (focus work) or collaboration with others.

To further enhance the theme of collaboration, a variety of communal and ancillary spaces were purposely designed in and around the workspace. Critically these functions also assist in promoting a change of posture which contributes positively to staff well-being and whilst encouraging interaction amongst staff. Lastly, all planning was done in such a way as to promote views to the outside. A view of the outside, as well as abundant natural light are both significant contributors to staff well-being and which indirectly is a contributor to staff performance and output.

The interior scheme is one which would “tell a story” of MC and it’s staff. Centred around themes of AUTHENTICITY using “honest” materials such as wood, steel, concrete and brick, but has been re-interpreted amongst highly refined finishes such as glass, porcelain, marble and aluminium embodying MC’s process of turning raw material into works of art.


Derius Erasmus Photography


Office Snapshots

“I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to work for a company with such a great reputation.”

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