A certified 4-Star Green Interior, The Green Building Council’s Johannesburg Headquarters is located in Rosebank.

Project  The Green Building Council of South Africa

Address  191 Jan Smuts, Rosebank

Size  150 sqm

When the Green Building Council of South Africa called for sponsorships of their Johannesburg Headquarters in late 2017, they looked to firms with considerable sustainability and Green Building experience. TCRPv Architects are no strangers to Green Buildings; having achieved some of the first ever 4-Star (Best Practice), 5-Star (South African Excellence) and 6-Star (World Leadership) certifications in both their Architectural and Interiors projects.

TCRPv Architects were therefore the Interior Designers and Project Managers of choice for the fit-out of their new Johannesburg Headquarters. The project having to be designed, detailed, and constructed within the exceptionally tight timeline of 7 weeks.

Given significant client requirements in a relatively small space, Real-estate optimization was of paramount importance – spaces had to work harder and smarter as they fulfilled a multitude of roles to support the day-to-day operational needs and requirements of their staff and business. All this whilst closely scrutinising every last detail, from material selection to spatial strategy, to ensure that each decision embodies the principles of a “green” space.

These aspects include how waste from site is quantified and responsibly disposed of, recyclability of materials, re-purposing of materials, ergonomics, acoustics, indoor air quality, indoor thermal comfort, glare control and staff wellbeing to name a few.

The project obtained a 4-Star accreditation in its first round of adjudication by the GBCSA which is a remarkable achievement.


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