Standard Bank’s new “Agile Working Office” is also the new home for their Vehicle Asset and Finance Division in Rosebank.

Project  Standard Bank Vehicle Asset and Finance Division (VAF)

Address  33 Baker Street, Rosebank

Size  13,000 sqm

Standard Bank are constantly evolving and re-inventing the way they work to enhance their operations in terms of its performance and output. They therefore needed an interior space which would perform the same and which would be as adaptable as their organisation both now and into the future. With the philosophy “Collaboration is key to innovation”; Standard Bank wanted a variety of communal and ancillary spaces purposely designed in amongst the open plan desking to further enhance collaboration and where teams can pull together for short periods of time to collaborate on project specific objectives and deadlines.

The building itself is an old building which has been repurposed and modernised to bring it in line with Standard Bank’s current business and space planning standards & requirements, as well as related compliancy regulations. Agile Working (or flexible space which brings people, processes, connectivity and technology together to effect a more efficient workflow ) was the spatial model adopted by the client. This spatial model proved to be a challenge given that the narrow building was in excess of 120m long – a lot of consideration, time and planning was therefore necessary to ensure spaces were carefully curated and devoid of any stereotypical and overtly negative “call centre” type layouts.


Derius Erasmus


SVA Architects

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