St John’s Village Lifestyle Centre, Howick, Kzn

Located just outside Howick on the beautifully scenic Karkloof Road, TC RPv Architects have designed a shopping centre that is fitting of the rural feel one gets in Howick with all the convenience expected from a retail experience. 

The centre is made up of 4 buildings the largest of which will be home to a 2000m2 Pick and Pay store, flanked by 10 stores offering a variety of health, novelty and convenience.

The concept of splitting the centre up into smaller buildings adds to the charming look and feel of a village and keeps within the design parameters of the already established St John’s Village.

A central courtyard sets the theme with a landscaped area where tired shoppers can relax and enjoy the serenity. Most of the 22 stores will open onto the central courtyard with the main focus at the end of the courtyard being a double storey restaurant  with upstairs views over the Ambers dam and amble outdoor seating. This building houses the clock tower and is based on a barn style look.The other double storey building caters for 6 smaller shops on the ground floor with an offering of office space on the first floor above. The offices overlook the courtyard on one side and the distant views towards Pietermaritzburg on the other. With 144 parking bays on site there is ample parking close to everything St Johns Shopping Centre has to offer.