The Mercedes-Benz plant in East London is part of the global production network.

Project  Mercedes-Benz South Africa New Paintline

Address  7 Settlers Way, Gately, West Bank, East London

Size  17 200 sqm production facility

With continuous growth in the motor production industry sector, Mercedes-Benz South Africa required an expansion to their current world class production facility in East London. The existing Paintline required an extension to accommodate the increase in production.

An in-depth analysis of the existing building, its surroundings and infrastructure, as well as dependencies to the remaining plant, was required by the Turnkey Contractor in order to ensure uninterrupted production and logistical supply of the plant during construction.

The restricted site conditions proved challenging, as the building needed to integrate seamlessly with the existing facility, straddle an existing roadway and underground stormwater tunnel all while the facility remains fully operational.

Extensive design and co-ordination workshops between consultants, suppliers and end-user delivered a 4 storey building of 22m wide and 240m long due to boundary restrictions. The facility contains the main conveyor line that transports car bodies through the painting process of preparation, base coat & clear coat application, baking and final inspection.

The final facility will produce 30 car bodies per hour.


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