This framework provides a methodology for creating and assessing a workplace designed for an interconnected world.  – Steelcase

Client  Medium Size Firm

Project  “The Interconnected Workplace”

Size  4 500 sqm

The methodology recognises that people need to do both individual “I” work and group “We” work. And it also breaks the paradigm that all individual spaces should be assigned or “owned” or that all group spaces should be shared. – Steelcase

Palette of Place
Workstyles, mobility, and job requirements all differ, so an interconnected workplace needs to provide spaces for both residents and mobile workers and a variety of places for individual and group work that anyone can use.

Palette of Posture
Changing postures is physically energising and mentally stimulating, and supports different work modes. Workplace designs that allow people to vary postures help keep people refreshed and engaged, and support overall wellbeing.

Palette of Presence
A range of mixed-presence experiences (physical and virtual) in destinations designed to augment human interaction.

– Steelcase


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