GBCSA Certified

Green Statement

TC Design Architects promotes the adoption of sound environmental principles from project inception, design and construction phases to commissioning, tuning and the operation of a building and its systems. Management initiatives may include engaging further with a professional who has a thorough understanding of Green Building principles as well as Green Star SA, should that expertise not be available in the office. Currently, TC Design Architects is a member of the GBCSA (Green Building Council of SA) and we consider the “Green Star rating tool” as the regulatory standard of measure for green buildings. It is the responsibility of every project team to make sure they have an understanding of all nine “environmental impact categories” as expressed in this tool and that these are applied to everyday decisions.

Social Responsibility Programme

TC Design Architects actively participates in the social development of the disadvantaged community of Orange Farm.  Through Education Africa we have helped develop Masibambane College, which is now a fully fledged Junior and Primary school. Other social responsibility programmes include the development of previously disadvantaged professionals, in-house skills transfer programmes, assisting architectural students financially and with their practical training as well as the development and promotion of female professionals and practitioners. We consider social responsibility in architecture as, at least in part, a matter of believing passionately and absolutely in the potential of architecture to improve quality of life.

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