An international top management consultancy firm, Bain & Company’s South African head office is based in Melrose Arch.

Client  Bain & Company 

Project  Bain & Company Offices

Address  10 The High Street, Melrose Arch.

Size  4500 sqm

Bain & Company is a highly successful management consulting firm which is based in Melrose Arch. They are constantly evolving and re-inventing the way they work to enhance their performance and output, therefore they needed an interior space which would perform the same and which would be as adaptable as their organisation. Given significant client requirements in a relatively small space, Real-estate optimization was of paramount importance. Through clever planning and leveraging of technology, such as booking systems, we put the available real-estate to work by doubling up on their functions. For example: The office layouts were designed in such a way that unoccupied offices could be used as smaller meeting room venues; Likewise the tech. in these offices catered for video conferencing or skype facilities to alleviate demand on the formal and more dedicated meeting rooms;

Lastly, majority of the open plan furniture is ‘shared’ meaning that teams can pull together for short periods of time to collaborate on project specific objectives and deadlines. A variety of communal and ancillary spaces were purposely designed to further enhance collaboration, but more importantly to promote a change of posture which contributes positively to staff well-being and whilst encouraging interaction amongst staff. The integration of staff was hugely important to the client given the cultural mix of staff from all over the world. (Given it is an International organisation.) Lastly, all planning was done in such a way as to promote views to the outside for all staff. A view of the outside, as well as abundant natural light are both significant contributors to staff well-being and which indirectly is a contributor to staff performance and output.


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